Review process

Any scripts that are running are judged by the following rules:
The authenticity of its contributions in the field of scientific publishing, methodological and theoretical reliability is taken according to the topic, the analysis of coherence, grammar, and writing according to the existing rules.
Any manuscript submitted by the author, will do peer review
Total Reviews of two (2) people, if the assessment result is not balanced, it will be handed over to the additional reviewer
Maximum limit is 2 weeks reviewer
The hiring principle of the reviewer at least wrote the scientific journal as the first author, or a member of the authors on three pages of the article, both the publication of the nationally accredited scientific journals and the publication of international-scale scientific journals
Each paper entered will be examined by the section editor, if it does not match the scope of the livestock journal, it will be returned to be rejected, so if there are things that do not fit into the set registration style, then the paper will be Returned to the author, if appropriate with the registration style, it will be assigned to the reviewer.
The process of reviewing the paper uses a double blind method involving two reviewers who have been selected by a section editor, if among the reviewers there is a conflicting decision, it would be an additional reviewer to decide whether the article was Received or rejected.

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