The Effect of Inflation, Dividend Policy, And Return on Equity on Stock Prices (Empirical Study of Property and Real Estate Companies Listed on IDX 2016-2020)


  • Hana Tiara Erin Safitri
  • Agus Afandi



This study aims to examine the effect of inflation, dividend policy, and return on equity on stock prices of property and real estate companies listed on the IDX in 2016-2020. The type of research is quantitative, using associative analysis, with secondary data. The sample selection used purposive sampling technique and obtained a sample of 19 companies. Analysis of the data used is multiple regression analysis with panel data and processing using eviews12 program. The results showed the inflation, dividend policy, and return simultaneously had a significant effect on stock prices. Partially, the inflation has no significant positive effect, dividend policy has no significant negative effect, return on equity has a significant positive effect on stock prices. <w:LsdException Locked="false" Priority="51" Name="Gr