The Influence of Perceptions, Social Motivations, and Job Market Considerations on Student's Interest In A Career AS A Tax Consultant (Empirical Study on Accounting Students of Pamulang University)

Perception, Social Motivation, Job Market Considerations, Career Interest


  • Chika Meliani Septianingsih Universitas Pamulang
  • Intan Rahma Sari Universitas Pamulang



This study aims to determine the influence of perception, social motivation, and labor market considerations on the interest of Accounting Students of Pamulang University to have a career as tax consultants. Sampling in this study was carried out using the non-probability sampling method with the purposive sampling method resulting in a sample of 120 respondents and testing in this study using SPSS. Testing in this study uses descriptive statistical tests, validity tests and reliability tests for data quality testing, normality tests, multicholinerity tests, and heterokedasticity tests for classical assumption testing, multiple linear regression tests, determination coefficient tests, t tests and f tests for hypothesis testing. The results of this study show that the variables of perception, social motivation, and labor market considerations together have a significant effect on the interest of career students to become tax consultants.