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Journal title JPIM (Jurnal Penelitian Ilmu Manajemen)
Initials JPIM
Grade Sinta 5
Frequency Three issues per year (February, June and October)
DOI prefix 10.30736 by
Print ISSN 2502-3780
Online ISSN 2621-881X
Editor-in-chief Luluk Nur Azizah (+6285234631311)
Man. Editor Nurus Safa'atillah
Publisher LITBANG PEMAS, Universitas Islam Lamongan
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JPIM (Journal of Research in Management) is a scientific journal, leading international research publication in all areas of management published by Research and Litbang Pemas, Lamongan Islamic University. JPIM continually seeks articles that challenge the impact of globalization through the business world through critical informed empirical and theoretical investigations, and present the latest thinking and innovative research on key management topics, while still being accessible and interesting to non-specialists.

JPIM covers the fields of Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Strategic Management and Operational and Production Management. JPIM articles over time have been characterized by their intellectual curiosity and diverse methodological approaches, leading to contributions that have had a significant impact on management science both empirically and in practice. We welcome interdisciplinary research that synthesizes different research traditions to present new discoveries on contemporary challenges across broad domains in the world of business and management. JPIM is an open access journal and is published three times a year, namely in February (February, June and October).

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Published: 2024-07-14


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